Pleoapele fetei micul elf tremurau usor inainte sa deschida ochii. Desakor vorbise cu Sora despre ceea ce o otravise pe fiica ei si isi indrepta atentia spre fetita micului elf, in timp ce se ridica incet din pat. Parea speriata in timp ce se agata de tatal ei, plangand cand isi amintea ce i se parea un cosmar pentru ea.

– D-tati, nu mai vreau sa intru in padure.

„Este bine, draga, nu trebuie sa mergi nicaieri unde nu vrei.”

Fetita s-a calmat dupa o mica confruntare si a realizat in cele din urma ca Sora era in camera. Era un pic curioasa de ce era un om in satul lor, cu atat mai mult cu cat el se afla in casa celui mai respectat din sat. O amintire brusca a iesit la iveala in timp ce ea a privit fata lui, a fost ultima fata pe care a vazut-o inainte sa lesine. In mod normal era timida, dar a reusit sa o infrunte in mod corespunzator pe Sora, dorind sa-i multumeasca ca a salvat-o de tigru.

– Multumesc ca m-ai salvat de tigru. Daca nu ar fi pentru tine, poate tatal meu nu ar fi fost in stare sa-mi vindece otrava.

„Nicio problema, m-ai ajutat foarte mult. Magia ta vindecatoare mi-a salvat viata.


Desakor crezuse ca Sora i-ar fi spus ca este salvatorul ei, dar, spre surprinderea lui, nu parea sa-i pese prea mult. Evaluarea sa asupra Sorei a mers si mai sus, intrucat si-a vazut dezinteresul. Desakor a decis totusi sa clarifice lucrurile, insa, adevaratul salvator a fost Sora si a vrut sa se asigure ca fiica lui stie.

„De fapt, Aila, acest aventurier aici este cel care te-a salvat. El a gasit sursa otravii si chiar a ajutat la purificarea substantei din otrava pe care nu am putut-o. ”

„R-adevarat? Un om a facut ce nu ai putut face?

„Asa este daca nu ar fi fost pentru el… nu stiu ce s-ar fi intamplat.”

Desakor a avut o expresie dureroasa in timp ce se gandea la ce s-ar fi putut intampla. Expresia a durat doar o secunda si un zambet de usurare a aparut la scurt timp dupa aceea. Fetita cu elf, Aila, a fost socata de ceea ce spusese tatal ei. Desakor este cel mai puternic din sat, totusi nu a putut face ceea ce un om putea. Era la fel ca tatal ei, nu avea nicio rusine sa-si plece capul cuiva care arata o mare bunatate.

– Multumesc, aventurier.


„Ah, suntem frati injurati acum, Aila, ar trebui sa-l referi la el ca unchi de acum incolo”.

– Multumesc … unchiule.

Sora s-a simtit putin penibila de titlu, a acceptat-o ​​pentru a nu supara pe nimeni. Si-a amintit brusc ceva cand a auzit-o pe fetita sa-l numeasca unchiul. Sora si-a deschis pagina de reputatie si alaturi de „Satul ascuns al filialei” a fost cuvantul „familie”. Sora nu s-a putut abtine sa nu-si dea drumul la un zambet, in timp ce vedea saritura enorma a reputatiei. Se pare ca aceasta cautare ascunsa a fost o modalitate de a-ti ridica reputatia in loc sa faci grind normal. Poate parea un pic ridicol pentru o incercare atat de scurta de a-ti spori reputatia cu atat de mult, dar a fost de fapt foarte dificil sa o completezi. A trebuit sa invingi tigrul alb numit fara ca fetita sa fie ucisa, sa o duci in sat, sa gasesti sursa otravei si apoi sa ajute la gasirea unei substante care poate neutraliza energia corupta.

Desakor se uita la colierul din mana. Cristalul din centru devenise un pic cetos si stralucirea pe care o avea odinioara era acum decolorata. A oftat doar inainte sa o arunce spre Sora, care a surprins-o cu o privire confuza.

„Acest colier a fost alaturi de familia mea de mai multe generatii, datand de la o epoca straveche. Vreau sa-l aveti ca premiu, si-a servit scopul pentru mine si sper ca va putea sa va protejeze in viitor. ”

[x1 Colier de cristal al elementelor devoratoare obtinute]

Rarity – Lore unic Rare

Durabilitate – 50/50

Necesita – nivelul 50

„Un colier realizat dintr-un cristal cu capacitatea de a absorbi energie. Colierul a fost folosit odata de Aire Mordirion, un razboinic elf gratios care a folosit puterea naturii pentru a-si decima dusmanii. Inamicii sai aveau o porecla speciala pentru el, era cunoscut sub numele de „The Archmage Devourer” datorita capacitatii sale de a absorbi orice atacuri elementare facute impotriva sa. Numele lui a fost uitat de mult, dar realizarile sale au ajutat la modelarea lumii pe care o cunoastem astazi. ”

+20 Constitutie

+20 Spirit

+ 10% din daunele magice provocate sunt transformate in Mana

Inima lui Sora a inceput sa bata mai repede doar uitand la raritatea. Nu numai ca a fost unic, ci a fost si un articol Lore. Sora a echipat colierul exact cand l-a obtinut, incantat de posibilitatile pe care le deschide pentru el. Desakor rase in timp ce privea zambetul evident de pe chipul Sorei.

“Haha, I hope it serves you well. To be honest, I only gave it to you due to the fact that it sustained damage from absorbing your attack.”

“That’s fine, it will still serve as a useful tool for me.”

“Good to hear, I will be spending time with my daughter for a while. You are my brother now, so don’t be afraid to look around. Our shops will also be open for you.”

Sora suddenly remembered that he wanted to make money from getting his reputation up, he said goodbye to Desakor, Aila, and Avourel and headed down the staircase within the tree. About halfway down he stopped and took a pathway onto one of the biggest branches of the tree that was packed with many different buildings. He was here for one, in particular, that was close by. He walked into the building and saw many different shelves that seemed to be a part of the wall. Sora walked to one of the corners where a large barrel full of a clear liquid was located. The shopkeeper seemed to think Sora was confused and came over to help him out.

“That is the dew from the top of the sacred tree. It isn’t too hard to collect and has the ability to change into the form of an elf for a short while. We haven’t had any humans around these parts so we have plenty stocked up if you’re interested.”

“How much is it?”

“20 Silver per drop.”

“You said you have a lot of it though, right?”

“Well yes, bu-”

“You also said that I was the first human here, right?”


“You wouldn’t be trying to rip off the sworn brother of Desakor, would you?”

“… 10 Silver a drop is as low as I can go.”

“Ah, don’t have such a glum expression. I’ll make it up to you by buying in bulk, how about six hundred drops?”

[x600 Elven Dew Drop obtained]

-Use this item to transform into an elf for a week.

Sora looked at the beautiful stacks of dew within his inventory. He could easily sell these for 5 gold per drop, maybe even 10 gold if he sold it slowly. Some people were crazy about elves, there was even a huge outrage at the lack of character customization within the game. These people would easily cough up 10 gold to become an elf, even for just a week.

Sora had finally finished what he came here for, he had his pet and picked up a lot of Elven Dew Drops. His next plan of action was to go back to Var and sell the Elven Dew Drops, maybe even making another trip down here after this batch sells. Sora summoned Luna and Snow, riding together back towards Wind Wolf Village.

Sora rode into a clearing after a short journey, revealing the small village that was on top of a hill and surrounded by wolves. Many players could be seen riding some of the wolves while other players were still on foot. A black wolf suddenly rode towards Sora with Blossom on top. She seemed to be having fun with her new wolf and could be heard laughing all the way until she made it to Sora.

“Hehe, what do you think?”

“The guild seems to be making good progress, how many more groups need to finish?”

“Everyone left needs to defeat the bandit boss, he only respawns every half day and it seems only the top fifty contributors get credit for the kill. I think we are on our last group now.”

“Good, I was hoping our guild could recruit a little more, showing off a little would be good for publicity. We need to start growing, especially with another guild popping up.”

“… Ya, it might be tough if my sister is the leader.”

Sora saw Blossom start to get a little upset and acted quickly. He pulled Snow onto the top of Luna’s head, letting him look at Blossom. She instantly snapped out of her stupor as she grabbed the little cub and started to pet it. Her crow must have been jealous since it landed on her head and cawed. She laughed as also reached up to pat Black Devil’s head.

“I have some things to do, you can finish things up here and then leave with the rest of the guild. Tell Nobunaga to form groups to go into Frost Peak Dungeon as soon as he’s done here.”

“Got it!”



“I’m going to need my pet back.”

“Hehehe, oh yea.”

Blossom gave Snow one last hug before giving him back to Sora. The cub curled up on top of Luna once again as Sora set off to Tidal Wave Pass. Sora was able to take the flight service fairly quickly and landed at Var within a short period of time.

Sora went straight to the auction house, not wanting to sell the Elven Dew Drops manually since it would be too tiresome to haggle with every player that came up. He set the Elven Dew Drops to only 5 gold per drop since he wanted to get more money as fast as possible, that was he could buy even more of the drops. He also threw in the Molten Dagger he obtained from the legendary fish, his old sword, and his old necklace. He set these up for real money and didn’t put a limit on their bid price. With that, he left the auction house and headed towards his territory.


“Did you guys also buy the Elven Dew Drops?”

“Ya! We’ve been waiting for you to use them so we can all be in a group together.”

“Hehe, I wonder if it will make me look like a fairy.”

“You’re going to need more than a few drops of water to ma- OW!”

“I’m sorry, my hand slipped.”

The Elven Dew Drops exploded in the market, creating a new fashion trend that popped up within Var. It was most popular with girls since it made their skin clear and even slightly morphed their body and facial structures to look more slender and graceful. Some of the smarter people had already started to try and figure out the source of the drops, wanting to make their own profit while it was still fresh.

Gentle Water looked at the small drop of dew in her inventory, she had been trying to find out what she wanted ever since Sora told her she wasn’t allowed to join the guild anymore. After that she started to think differently, eventually leaving the unofficial guild she was part of since she was just being used to do the work that nobody else wanted to do. She looked at her position differently and finally figured out that she was worth more than she had thought.

“I wonder if he would let me in his guild now…”