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Un sclav al fanteziei

Rebecca Lee

Capitolul 1 – Dus, putere, eliberare

Cand Samuel a primit apelul, a fost foarte curand dupa ce

a plecat. Chiar mai aproape de socul final al vointei sale.

Cand Tanya a plecat, s-a gandit doar la satisfactia de

la singurul barbat care ar putea sa o ofere.

Ce mai stia ea? Care era planul ei pentru

americanul pe care l-a lasat in urma? Ea nu a facut planurile. Ea

le-a realizat doar .

Ea s-a incurcat de remuscari, dar doar putin, deoarece

atractia iubitului ei de multa vreme i-a dominat mintea, deoarece felul sau

de placere a dominat sufletul ei.

A simtit brusc o tristete profunda si o durere mare. Apoi,

instantaneu, a devenit ura, apoi din nou. dans porno Simtul datoriei fata de

viata sa secreta fusese complet abandonat, urmarind ceea ce insemna un

vis imposibil. Indepartarea ego-ului l-a impiedicat sa se simta

prost. A vrea sa iubesti pe cineva atat de mult incat ai face orice pentru

simpla sansa ca acest lucru sa se intample, l-a facut uman.

Oamenii folosesc judecata rea ​​in caile inimii.

Cand adevarul se dezvaluie in comportamentul iubitului nostru, este

adesea debilitant.

He suddenly felt cold. He sensed something. Grave

danger. porno hd noi It was all in this video. The whole puzzle. He knew it.

The girl he’d fantasized about for nearly 4 years of

his already middle-aged adult life was there. It seemed like

moments. Probably because by most measures used by normal everyday

people, it was.

An hour perhaps? A little under or a little over.

Fantastic. porno old women That’s how he felt about the whole experience.

The power of again having that deep want fulfilled.

It was more potent than ever. Even more than the first time. At

this moment, all that he knew about wanting and a particular woman,

the dangers of living life that way. It beat him strongly over the

head. He knew better.

The feeling of discipline that he’d grown to embrace,

even love, had disappeared. filme porno cu lesby In it’s place, a return to the same old

weaknesses that seemed to own him from puberty well into his


What now? What next? All the emotional resources of

one Samuel Roberts, age 39, American in the Philippines, were


His years of hopes dashed in the time it took to

receive and open a video file sent to his phone.

There she was. Her splendid brown skin glistening

with her own sweat and that of her small actually scary looking

lighter-skinned Filipino lover. The face was unmistakable. The

pleasure/pain being inflicted by this new man on her well

proportioned frame. The frame that was honed not by exercise, but

slight weight gain, and the process of nursing her secret

child. filme porno portugheze

When Roberts saw the video, his knees nearly gave

out. The same clothes she wore during their very recent lovemaking

were tucked neatly on top of a hotel chair in the foreground. “My

god!” he thought “She was banging this guy less than an hour after

we we’re together tonight.”

There was no doubt. Same knee length jean skirt, tan

bra and red frilly panties with that t-back design he loved licking

and tickling during foreplay..

On the video, they were rabid and fast paced. You

could see on the transferred file how much more reckless and free

she seemed then when Roberts and her had sex multiple times

throughout a long night in his high rise suite. tu porno

Whether or not she knew the video was being made,

wasn’t of consequence. What was of consequence to Roberts is you

could clearly tell she couldn’t have cared either way. Her pleasure

was so ignited by this string bean of a little man. Odd teeth when

he smiled, almost chilling because they looked metallic and


He was doingTanya so hard it looked as though he was

going to catapult over her, head-first into the camera (presuming

it was mounted in the open and not hidden).

What crushed Roberts wasn’t just seeing this. What

crushed him soon after the shock wore off, is how much more

passionate she seemed then in their encounters. Her recent

declaration of her love and devotion, felt more like taunt

destroying him from within. porno anal mature

She cried loudly in Tagalog, her native language.

This physical bond and shared experience with this man in the video

was clearly more than they had, and likely would ever have.

This was the dangerous nature of total devotion

bordering on what most would have termed an obsession. Is feeling

into deep love, longing to be with someone and make their life

better, unhealthy?

This question haunted his learned mind from his first

rejection and betrayal as a late teen-ager, to the present.

How could it ever be wrong when it was plainly right

for so many he saw in everyday life? They were seemingly so loyally

devoted and happy together?

All those doubts were back amid the deep deep shock

and hurt.

This was his first trip to Manila to see her. She was

just a jobless peasant girl from the outskirts of the city. In

America they are called suburbs. filme porno cu andra maruta Here they were nowhere near as

nice or new looking. Slums is how many would term them.

It took him nearly 4 years and constant cajoling

using email, sms messages, and whatever to get her to even agree to

a meeting. The connection became so tenuous, that Roberts got to

the point where he was feigning interest. Lying and claiming he was

there for other purposes and reasons.

During that time she’d gotten pregnant by some

Filipino who left her soon after she broke the news to him.

She was only 19 when Roberts met her on an

international dating site. He was immediately taken. actrite porno tinere Now that

history no longer mattered except for how stupid it all made him

feel. The interest and devotion he’d given out willingly made him

feel like a sucker.

It was obvious. He knew he had ignored all the signs

he had learned not to ignore from a woman.

The nature of the relationship changed over those 4

years, but the fundamental need to be with her in some way remained


It wasn’t the thrill of the chase because the first

time they slept together, he knew he wanted more and more. That

night when they were together, she gave as good as she got.

Immediately she began tonguing him down there base to

shaft and laughing that seductive laugh. lady gaga porno She was no novice. She was

enthusiastic and unbelievably tempting. She exceeded his

expectations in every way. No easy feat because his mind had made

them impossibly high. Her body more tight but feminine, her breasts

larger and fuller, her love hole tighter and more perfectly

manicured on the fringes than even his fantasies could have


He was slave to the fantasy, but the reality was even

more seductive. She was as intelligent as she was vivacious. She

was vulnerable as she was confident. filme porno intre fete

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The confidence was readily

apparent in everything she did to satisfy him. 7 out of 9 nights

they spent together exploring their passions.

He was addicted to her taste. The way she giggled

happily and naughtily when he pinned her to the wall during one

session and ate her throbbing cookie while she ran her sweet syrup

all over his rabid loving tongue. Even more addicted than when he

fantasized about her for literally years since they first met


He never felt more empowered than when she’d give

herself to him. He never felt more fulfilled, focused, and free in

the moment. Their last time ended in the shower. porno cu nabadai Him eating her

from behind and aggressively taking her the same way. Their skin

was pruned they spent so much time in there together.

God she was breathtaking. Her dark black hair

scattered messily soaking wet over her shoulders and in her eyes.

She begged him and taunted him to pound her with his massive


“Be a man,” she cried again and again.

He was sure he’d be the only man who could satisfy

her ever again in that way. The ghost of the father of her young

son had vanished amid the torrid almost otherworldly sessions and

the final climax. poze femei porno His meat felt like it was about to come undone he

was so full of cum. She said she loved him. It was only them now.

At least in his mind.

The phone rang at his hotel. The Manila Police on

their way up. He was warned. From the inside. filme porno cu julia ann A body with a blunt

scrap car part was found covered in blood and Robert’s passport was

there too.

The murder of the man voraciously sexxing his great

love in the video. At least that is what he was told. Roberts knew

not to trust anyone. His dark feelings of pending troubles were

coming to life.

His first move. Pour himself a cold San Miguel from

the refrigerator in his suite. And hide his passport. teen porno tube Passport?

What nonsense, but he would play the game because the other side of

Samuel Roberts. The other side of Samuel Roberts was the ultimate


Could it have been? It was him. He blacked out and he

was enraged. If that was what happened His life had come undone.

He’d lost time.

Roberts honestly didn’t know. But this was his movie. film porno cu indience

In his mind, that’s all it was.

It was all happening too fast to do anything but

enjoy the sweet brown cold nectar.

Tanya wondered the dank alleys outside the hotel

wishing everything was different. Her body chilled from her scant

dress and her deep emotional pain of being loved for moments. Loved

nowhere but the night.

Her powerful devotion to this sexy gorgeous man who

fathered her baby would never be requited. She knew that every time

they parted. But she gambled

She felt herself being followed. picturi porno She ducked behind a

mountain of garbage piled to twice her height. She wanted to see if

she could spot her follower. The musty air held an eery quiet. Her

phone buzzed and startled her like a gun shot. The caller was

readily identifiable. He was the diabolical cunning person who gave

her everything but took away more. Her benefactor.

Her father. spy cam porno

She picked up the phone and listened. Her heart began

to beat ferociously

The stakes were going higher. The danger more

imminent. She was trapped. Even as she clung to safety of the

solitude behind that swell of grotesque garbage, she knew nothing

of safety or freedom.

She only knew servitude. Life as the center of the


Chapter 2– Shame

Forever in his mind. filme online porno cu mature Stuck in the wounds of the past.

Running from them. Laughing at them. Justifying them. Smothering

them. Living hard and fast to avoid the thought of them. This was

his life.

Samuel Roberts gave himself up with no denials or

sense of fear. sandra bullock porno It wasn’t an act. He knew things they didn’t. He

knew he wwasn’t capable of such violence. He wouldn’t know the man

if he saw him standing next to him.

Like any man who wanted the love of a woman who

wouldn’t give it back to him he was jealous.

All those years ago, the deep embarrassment about

being a man, he still thought of those vulnerable vulnerable times

as a child. Haunting him. So real in his memory they were happening

right now for him.

What was worse than reliving it: reliving talking

about it to a woman he desired.

“Sammy’s got a girlfriend!” “Sammy’s got a

girlfriend!” “Sammy’s got a girlfriend!”

The deep fear only a child can know, always flows

directly to the adult power structure there at the moment of the

most helpless embarrassment. Too often that power structure fails

to act.

The total breakdown of empathy is what Samuel Roberts

experienced on that playground decades ago.

“I felt nothing but shame for liking a girl and her

liking me back,” Roberts explained to Jennifer.

Jennifer was hired to examine him and come to the

source of his soul, but only if that source helped. She was older,

married, and judging by the ring on her finger (and like many

beautiful women in Robert’s past), up-front about her devotion to

another man.