Este extrem de rar sa gasesti un roman despre femei care nu este despre iubire

Cartile „grozave”, asa cum au fost definite de canonul occidental, nu contineau protagonistele feminine pe care le puteam admira. arad matrimoniale De fapt, abia contineau protagonisti de sex feminin. facebook matrimoniale romania Dintre cele 100 de cele mai bune romane compilate de Biblioteca Moderna, doar noua au femei in rolul principal, iar in una dintre aceste carti – Primul domnisoarei Jean Brodie de Muriel Spark – femeile conducatoare se straduiesc sa faca mai mult decat sa gaseasca un sot sau creste copiii. matrimoniale Statistic, un procent din cele mai bune romane se refera la femei care fac altceva decat sa iubeasca. compatibilitate matrimoniale

To be clear, I love a beautifully told love story. matrimoniale suceava monitorul I cry during The Notebook and love Mr. matrimoniale mature arges Darcy. matrimoniale tulcea femei I’d just as soon advocate for the banning of metaphors as I would for the banning of stories about love (which is to say never). matrimoniale romania 2019 Love stories are needed because they mirror real life. publi matrimoniale cluj Men and women alike search for and find partners–be they for a moment or a lifetime. matrimoniale bucuresti sector 5 Love stories are huge plot lines in real life, but they aren’t everything. regimuri matrimoniale europene

These days, most women develop personal lives before love lives. matrimoniale europa They struggle, make decisions, and grow up long before they worry about finding a life partner. matrimoniale targu-jiu femei

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Women are getting married later with the average marrying age at 27 according to the most recent Pew Report. matrimoniale patimi That’s four years older than in 1990. matrimoniale crestina Additionally, women’s roles in the workforce have changed radically in the last 50 years. matrimoniale lugoj 2017 Though incomes between men and women still remain unequal, more women are joining and staying in the workforce, even after they have kids. matrimoniale sec 6 Their literary counterparts, however, don’t reflect that. matrimoniale consta

Marilynne Robinson’s Housekeeping is different. matrimoniale cupluri prahova Housekeeping was the first book I ever read about women that didn’t feature a love line. matrimoniale ploiesti femei There is no love interest, no sex, and no important man in Housekeeping. matrimoniale arhip marian It is a book solely about growing up, because that in itself is a story. matrimoniale telegraf online

Housekeeping follows the lives of two sisters, Ruth and Lucille, who are moved to the beautifully desolate Fingerbone, Idaho to live with family members after their mother’s death. anuntul telefonic matrimoniale ro Their guardianship changes several times before finally ending with their Aunt Sylvie, an eccentric woman who lives a transient lifestyle and eventually drives the girls apart. site-uri matrimoniale sex

Ruth grows up in the book. matrimoniale ok

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As the narrator, she describes her own frustrations and confusions. Robinson’s book is full of Ruth’s anguish and loneliness: the suffering of transitory adulthood. At times the novel is as barren and icy as the frozen lake it is set around. The characters often ignore each other and sometimes themselves. As Ruth and Lucille are forced to cope with the death of their relatives, they must learn to live their own lives. Ultimately, Housekeeping isn’t an easy book to read, and it doesn’t wrap up neatly. Life doesn’t wrap up neatly.

There is no love plotline in Housekeeping, because not every story needs one. No one expects Holden Caulfield to find love at the end of his self-explorative adventure, and we shouldn’t expect every female character to either. Coming of age novels are supposed to be about finding yourself, not finding someone else. Ruth doesn’t think about boys or talk about them; she grapples with loneliness and longing and losing her family, her dreams, and her sister.