In Continuum .: CAPTCHA


Doar pentru ca pierd

Nu inseamna ca sunt pierdut

Nu inseamna ca ma voi opri

Nu inseamna ca voi traversa

Cu totii folosim internetul de ceva vreme sau cel putin ati ajuns suficient de departe pentru a citi aceasta fraza chiar acum. Intr-un fel sau altul, trebuie sa fi dat peste unul dintre acele lucruri de verificare a imaginii online. Stiti, acele cutii mici cu culori fanteziste si forme de numere diferite si alfabete rasucite in forme si dimensiuni ciudate. Se presupune ca computerul nu poate citi foarte bine acele forme ciudate, motiv pentru care utilizeaza acele casute fanteziste pentru a te identifica ca om ori de cate ori incerci sa postezi un comentariu pe un site web, sa cauti intr-un forum sau orice altceva. dans porno a acelor functii de internet. Acele mici cutii fanteziste se numesc CAPTCHA, care reprezinta in esenta „Testul complet automatizat al Turing-ului public pentru a spune Computers and Humans Apart”. Stiu ca acronimul nu se adauga exact, dar nici eu nu inventez lucrurile. Sunt la fel de surprins ca si tine ca acele cutii fanteziste au de fapt nume tehnice reale care trebuie sa fie insotite de ele si este un lucru pe care l-am gasit pe internet in timp ce ma aflam intr-un mod de roaming fara scop. porno hd noi  

Ganditi-va la asta ca la un test de sange sau ca un imprimeu degetul mare printr-o masina de mii de dolari. In lumea computerelor, se rezuma la identificarea numerelor si literelor in forma ciudata pentru a demonstra ca sunteti un om, de parca oamenii pot fi definiti atat de usor in viata reala. Daca numai asa este cazul, totusi, dar nu e ca si cum am fi cu adevarat mult ganditi in viata noastra de zi cu zi. Cand a fost ultima data cand ne-am asezat si ne-am gandit la ce ne diferentiaza de cainele de companie al vecinului nostru sau de gorila din jungla Noii Guinee? Un pic mai putin par si mult mai multe lucruri despre care poate vorbi, dar acestea sunt intrebari la care nu ne gandim. porno old women Nu trebuie sa dovedim ca suntem oameni in fiecare zi, este la fel ca si noi nu trebuie sa dovedim ca suntem in viata pentru altcineva. In ultima vreme, mi-am dat seama, ca exista unele lucruri in viata nici nu am nevoie de dovezi grele pentru a dovedi. Exista lucruri care nici nu ar trebui sa fie dovedite, desi mi-am petrecut jumatatea mai buna a vietii incercand sa fac exact asta. Oricum, m-a deranjat si ma bucur ca in cele din urma am rezolvat lucrurile. filme porno cu lesby  

Doar pentru ca ma doare

Nu inseamna ca sunt ranit

Nu inseamna ca nu am obtinut ceea ce merit

Nu mai bine si nici mai rau

Exista un motiv pentru care acele vise despre a avea descendenti accidentali sunt atat de infricosatoare. Iti amintesti de acele vise ingrozitoare nu, de visele alea de a-ti hrani viitorul copil si de sotul tau fara chip zambindu-ti si numindu-te „draga”. Sau imaginea cu care stai in fata camerei de urgenta si te uiti la sotia ta prin fereastra din usa, in timp ce fiul tau este scos din picioarele sotiei tale, impreuna cu un galon de sange care se revarsa din pantecul cascat. Partea infricosatoare nu se refera atat la cantitatea de sange cat si la sange, ci mai degraba adaugarea unei alte fiinte umane in viata ta dintr-o data. filme porno portugheze Stiti cum este cu o alta fiinta umana, nu reuseste niciodata sa complice lucrurile. Nu este atat de rau in viata reala, deoarece aveti aproximativ noua luni sa va pregatiti pentru sosirea lui, esti pregatit mental, speram, cand va sosi copilul. Dar nu ai timp zero sa te pregatesti in vise si dintr-o data ai aceasta noua viata, acest om, aruncat in viata ta pentru a complica lucrurile.

I think the world would be much simpler if we just existed in our own worlds. tu porno That is not to say that it’d be a much better place to live in or anything like that, but it is definitely going to be simpler. None of those human interactions that we cannot run away from even during a trip down to the mall. We bump into people everyday, and there are so many things that has the potential to piss them off one way or another. It is difficult to thread through a crowd of strangers without one of them giving you a cold stare or to mumble some curse words under their breaths. porno anal mature These are strangers we are talking about, people we don’t meet after a split second of physical meeting. Those people that we are forced to interact with in school, in our workplace, in our families, the situation becomes a lot more tricky now. You have to find a way to live in harmony, but when you are in a world whereby no two people think alike, it becomes more difficult than building a rocket out of your bare hands, or swim across the Pacific for example. I think we have all come across people who doesn’t like you, people who pretended to like you, people who genuinely like you, and the ones that liked you for a moment and then left. filme porno cu andra maruta I am sure, like what I mentioned about CAPTCHA, it is ringing a bell right about now. 

I just got lost

Every river that I’ve tried to cross

And every door I ever tried was locked

Ooh-Oh, And I’m just waiting till the shine wears off… actrite porno tinere

I have found that I shouldn’t be proving to other people that I am me, the way I shouldn’t be proving to others that I am a human through some internet literacy test. It just came to me that other day out with a friend for dinner, a chat with a friend online, a message from the least likeliest person from school, that I really shouldn’t have been trying so hard to be a different person to different people. I shouldn’t have tried to prove myself to a variety of different people because that is only going to take your farther away from who you really are. I guess what I am trying to say is that, you can never satisfy everybody by trying to be everybody all at once. lady gaga porno You have to understand who matters and who doesn’t, who gives a shit and who really doesn’t. You cannot expect everybody to give a shit about you because, well, one simply can’t do the same for everybody else.

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I have been under the false perception that it is normal, that it should be the case, to be immersed in a group of people and expect yourself to have a healthy relationship with everybody. I’ve always seen those people with a few friends, not with distain, but with a mentality that they are not fitting in, that they must have their reasons to stay out of the loop. filme porno intre fete But I guess, after the incidents that have transpired, I have realized that that is really not the case. 

I think it is admirable and respectable to be people like Naz or Travers, people who can live with and live without others. They are self-sustainable, perfectly fine with themselves and contented with who they are and what they have. They are the kind of people to dust themselves off and move on with their lives, because they’ve got themselves – and that’s what they really need. porno cu nabadai Of course, that is merely what I see in them and may not be the truth at all. Still, I feel that this ability to be self-sustained is more than just a personality, but somewhat of a gift somehow. They don’t need to prove themselves to anybody, they are the way that they are because they are comfortable. I, on the other way, seem to have always been on a hunt for more, with this greed that overwhelmed me to an extent that it went out of control and crashed landed into this epic mess of things. poze femei porno But she was right when she said that people might not always get you, but the ones who do are likely to always be there. It is in times like these when you really figure out who’s who, who’s not. You start to know who is really going to be there, even when he or she isn’t really there for the most part. You are probably not going to read this anyway, but then your message saved my life. filme porno cu julia ann OK, not literally but, at least it kept me from slipping deeper into myself. I never expected anything of that magnitude from you, so thank you for that. Thank you. 

You might be a big fish in a little pond

Doesn’t mean you’ve won

‘Cause along may come

A bigger one, and you’ll be lost

So, I have realized that I shouldn’t be trying to prove myself to anybody, shouldn’t be trying to please anybody for the sake of doing so, or have a dozen different personalities until you lose count of them yourself. teen porno tube It’s so easy to say „Be Yourself”, when that really is the hardest thing in life. That’s what they usually tell you in books or internet websites about dating tips anyway, they always tell you to be yourself when, really, the last person you should be is yourself on the first date. But we are not dating here, we are not trying to impress a girl with our best suits and our best jokes. Why should we do that in a working environment anyway, what obligations do we have to others? Why do we have to impress the others and make them like us anyway, there isn’t a rule written down in black and white for us to do such things, is there. film porno cu indience I realized that I should just be self-contained, and the doors to my mind is going to be a one way thing. Going out there to please has been too tiring and too exhausting, and it is about time when I go home and invite guests over to my place, guests that are not going to wreck my home and puke all over the sofa. 

There are some things you don’t need to prove, and I suppose the idea of „Me” is definitely one of them. It has been bothering me for the longest time, and rock bottom does not begin to explain what I have been going through. picturi porno I suppose I have been the best to people, I have been pretty horrible in fact. It is karma, or perhaps just a bad turn of luck. Some people remain silent, while others blatantly tell you that what you are going through matters little to them. Whatever it is, it only helps you see people clearer, you know where to draw the lines now. spy cam porno You know who to invite to your party, you know whose party to completely avoid. You know who to devote your time for, and those whose mere existence is a complete waste of your time. You cannot be that „main dude” for everybody, so you might as well stop trying. I’d much rather be the „main dude” just the main group of people that cared for you when you needed caring, that gave a shit when you needed them to, well, give a shit. filme online porno cu mature I’d like to love those who deserve to be loved, and not paw at the feet of others who treat you like a molecule. Now I am just waiting for all this to wear off, because everything will eventually. That’s how it works, that’s how the mechanism functions. Tomorrow is going to be the first day, of the rest of my life. sandra bullock porno  

Every river that you tried to cross

Every gun you ever held went off

Ooh-Oh, And I’m just waiting till the firing starts

Ooh-Oh, And I’m just waiting till the shine wears off

Ooh-Oh, And I’m just waiting till the shine wears off

Ooh-Oh, And I’m just waiting till the shine wears off…

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