Aceste valuri rebele (Stream Raiders, # 1)

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Cred ca poate Sara Raasch nu este pentru mine. Desi cartile ei suna intotdeauna convingatoare, ma gasesc inca o data distantat de poveste prin scriere, lipit de personaje si, in general, apatic fata de orice se intampla. forum escorte bucuresti

Ne pare rau sa dezamagim, dar zvonurile despre piratii homosexuali din aceste valuri rebele sunt false. Presupun ca acest lucru va continua sa fie locul in care imi gasesc corectia piratilor gay (CW: homofobie, mentiune despre viol). Nu este vina autorului; Raasch a promis doar romantisme homosexuale – dintre care

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ACTUALIZARE: 1,99 USD Kindle SUA 22. curve peste 60 ani 08.19

Frumoase muchii pulverizate!


Sunt pe gard asa ca il las acum la 3 stele ????

Mel ?????????????????

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12 februarie 2018 Melanie a apreciat ca este ok

ARC furnizat de editor prin Edelweiss in schimbul unei recenzii oneste.

Prieteni, aceasta nu a fost cartea pentru mine. escorte trans cluj Si stii ca urasc sa scriu recenzii „negative”, asa ca voi incerca sa mentin acest lucru pe partea mai scurta. Dar aceasta carte si scrierea au fost doar parti egale plictisitoare si descurajante pentru mine. In plus, sistemul magic nu a fost explicat, personajele erau greu de placut sau de crezut si niciodata nu mi-a pasat suficient sa inradacinez pe vreunul dintre ele. Dar cred ca ceea ce in cele din urma m-a facut sa nu iubesc aceasta carte a fost sa fie

dame de companie buc Mai mult

Evaluare reala: 1,5 stele

Puteti gasi aceasta recenzie si alte recenzii non-spoilery @ The Book Prescription

???? Asteptari este cuvantul cheie aici, daca vedeti cele mai bune recenzii pe GR, veti vedea ca toti sunt cititori incantati de o poveste despre „Piratii gay”, dupa ce am vazut toate acele recenzii, am fost destul de sigur ca asta primim. Evident, in afara de un accent minor pe un personaj LGBTQ, acest lucru nu are nimic de-a face cu intregul lucru cu „Piratii gay”.

???? Deci, asta nu are nimic de-a face cu piratii, nu are shi

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dintr-un anumit motiv am crezut ca este vorba despre pirati lesbieni . matrimoniale matrimoniale .. ???? nu este? exista un personaj principal ciudat, dar mi-am petrecut tot timpul dorind sa-i dau lovitura de dragoste, asa ca. Este foarte politica si centrate pe teren, sa concentrat pe construirea unei lumi complexe , cu o multime de straturi pe care am apreciat foarte mult dintr – o perspectiva de ambarcatiuni … dame de companie pitesti si nu a fost investit in deloc dintr – o perspectiva cititor. laugh out Loud. Il iubeam pe Vex, piratul sassmaster; dar s-a intors destul de sticloasa la Ben si Lu si, in general, nu cred ca eram in … mai mult

26 mai 2019 Renee Godding a apreciat ca i-a placut foarte mult

Evaluare reala: 4,5 stele

Asa cum am mentionat in actualizarile mele pe parcurs: am iubit aceasta carte mult mai mult decat ma asteptam. curve medgidia

Persoana care a decis sa piata acest lucru ca fiind „o poveste rapid pased despre pirati gay“ trebuie sa fie concediat, pentru ca nu numai ca este sa nu se concentreze, dar exista o multime altceva de dragoste aici , care este punctul central. Intriga politica, o lume frumos construita in Caraibe, magie botanica si personaje puternice si inteligente care mi-au furat inima.

Abia astept sa vina continuarea

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21 februarie 2019 ✨ jay ✨ a apreciat ca nu i-a placut

„Toata lumea, ramaneti calmi, sunt pe punctul de a arunca niste rahat. escorte orade

„Ba nu!” Striga Vex din pilotaj. „Acum avem un copil aici, bine?”

„Imi pare rau. Sunt pe cale sa rearanjez haotic unele rahaturi. ”

– Nu asta era problema – incepu sa spuna Vex.

uhhh. Acest lucru pur si simplu nu a functionat deloc pentru mine. dame de companie turnu magurele Si am considerat cu tarie DNF-ul pentru parti mari, dar oricum am citit pana la capat.

Aceste valuri rebele sunt amplasate intr-o lume fantastica in care magia a fost declarata eretica de catre puternicul consiliu Argridian. Ani ag

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„Oricat de mult nu te cunosc, raider, tu nu ma cunosti. povesti cu soti curve N-ai idee de ce sunt capabil.

Vex a luat in considerare. – Ai dreptate – nu te cunosc. Dar stiu cine vrei sa fii, printesa, si asta ar putea fi mai periculos pentru tine. ‘”

Snow Like Ashes left me high and dry, but I had high hopes for this one because one, gay pirates and two, gay pirates. Honestly a more wonderful combination of words could not have been invented other than free pizza. cuplu escorte

Sadly, as most of you have figured out by now, the


Okay but how am I supposed to take the oppressor seriously when everytime I see his name I read „Hagrid” instead of „Argrid”? … filme porno cu curve more

May 29, 2019 Cesar rated it it was ok

1.5 stars.

You ever read the synopsis of a book and you think it sounds good? Then you read the book and all of your expectations went down the drain faster than Usain Bolt running a 100-meter dash race. Well, that’s what my experience was with These Rebel Waves.

All jokes aside, These Rebel Waves was a chore to get through because of the many, many, many issues I had. It started off promising, I was interested in learning more about the characters, the world, and the magic. matrimoniale femei alexandria But about one-third of


Review can also be found at Dana and the Books

I should have loved These Rebel Waves. It has pirates, magic, politics, jail breaks; it ticks all the Dana boxes. Sadly, this one was possibly the most disappointing book of 2018 for me. escorte cunnilingus

The Good:

○ It’s in Third Person POV. First person POV seems to be the standard for many YA novels so it’s always refreshing when that’s not the case

○Every time Argrid was mentioned, my brain decided to pronounce it like Madame Maxime saying ‘Agrid’ in a French accent


Jul 06, 2018 Mary rated it it was amazing

Some thoughts in response to what other people are saying, particularly as a critique.

1) Bland gay characters. dame de companie poze Honestly? I hadn’t heard much about this book and didn’t realize it was pitched as an LGBT book. Was it? I don’t know. I can see why people who expected this would be disappointed but for someone who definitely enjoys good LGBT representation, this was not a factor that bothered me. Because that isn’t an expectation I had. Because this was not the POINT of the book. So honestly. escorte huedin If you’


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Sep 25, 2016 Cindy ✩☽♔ marked it as to-read


Ugh, I swear this was a July 3rd release and now it’s been pushed back until August 7th

OMG look at this cover!!!

It is absolutely stunning! I am so freaking excited for this! Because honestly, I just need more pirate stories in my life.

Glad to see that the synopsis is finally up and happy to say I’m still super excited to see where this goes. . matrimoniale maramures ..more

rep: gay mc, bi li, wlw side characters, poc cast

tw: torture, child abuse, death & murder

i came here expecting gay pirates but what i got was a bunch of traumatised kids with ptsd trying to win a war and whom i must protect at all costs. also a gay prince.

main point: all those prejudices, all those reasons for hatred & division in this made-up land and yet not a single mention of homophobia?? *chef kisses*

anyway, admit that vex is bi and we have ourselves a perfect book!

Aug 30, 2018 Adah Udechukwu rated it really liked it

At first I didn’t flow with These Rebel Waves. The first 10 chapters was kinda weird. matrimoniale femei singure care cauta perechea potrivita

It took a while before I understood the political situation; It was a mess but later the novel got interesting and fun.

When I started the novel I was so sure of my self that I was never ever ever going to read book 2 but things are different now.

Book 1 started making sense half way.

Four stars to These Rebel Waves

matrimoniale buzau barbati more

Apr 08, 2017 Shelby P rated it it was amazing

Holy crap. That was so good.

Vex is a babe and officially on my book boyfriend list.

The world was complex but well explained and thought out. I enjoyed both the political side and the magic system. There was just enough balance to make it interesting. matrimoniale urziceni


Jun 20, 2018 Amanda rated it really liked it


*I received this ARC in exchange for honest review*

The story follows our 3 MCs as their lives intertwine in a Spanish Inquisition inspired post-War setting.

>Adeluna: Former rebel spy, magic expert,badass lady

>Devereux: Pirate/ Stream Raider, mischievous bugger, secretly a cinnamon roll

>Benat: Gay Prince of Argrid, science nerd, heretic

I really loved all of the MCs. matrimoniale mehedinti That being said, I had a very difficult time connecting with them. This isn’t your typical action packed pirate book, it focus


To my dismay, I thought that this book fell very flat. I had such high hopes for it, and loved so many of the individual elements within in. matrimoniale militari Unfortunately, all these bits and pieces mesh together in odd ways, and aren’t descriptive or unique enough to stand out. I couldn’t connect with any of the characters, and the romances felt forced. I also would’ve liked to have seen more privateering. Considering the title of this novel, I was expecting more swashbuckling and plundering, but it wasn’t very

… more

Sep 01, 2018 enqi ☁️✨ marked it as to-read

i really want to get the fairyloot version of this book with the pretty green sprayed edges but THE REVIEWS FOR THIS BOOK ARE SO LOW, WHY

I’ve been hearing wonderful things about this one, especially these two words: gay pirates . Sara Raasch, BRING IT ON. …more

ARC provided by Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review

This isn’t a bad book. As in, it’s not badly written or lazy or offensive. It doesn’t deserve to be relegated to a low rating with books that are all of those things. It just really didn’t do it for me. Part of the problem is that I allowed myself to be swayed by hype. I should have compared the hype to the blurb because I was not in the target audience for this book at all. This book is not about gay pirates.

Imma repeat that:

This book


Apr 16, 2020 Alaina rated it really liked it

OMG! I am so happy that I have this book!

These Rebel Waves was so freaking good. I really enjoyed getting to know Adeluna (aka Lu), Vex, and Ben! Well, not really Ben but his chapters got a bit more interesting towards the end of the book. That being said, I am in love with Lu and Vex.

Lu is such a little bad ass ninja but she has a lot to learn still. Yes, she is a wizard with these plants but she is surrounded by death, a horrible past, and betrayal. Then there’s Vex, who oh lord.. has some se

.. .more

DNF at a 12% ???? I was so excited about this, y’all don’t even know. But god, the beginning is so slow and so info-dumpy. Normally at this point I should already be intrigued by something but I’m not.

And thanks to other people’s reviews, I know that there’s not a lot of piracy going on, nor are the gay pirates, so I can’t be bothered to give this a bigger chance ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .. .more

DNF- 40 pages.

So yeah, this is disappointing because it looked like it could really shape up into a good story, but Ben one of the three main protagonists is a dirty minded creep and I can’t stand him already. Added to the language and it just isn’t worth it. Pity, Lu and Vex, the other two main characters, seemed really interesting.

. ..more

Nov 28, 2018 Angela rated it it was amazing


There is so much going on and it makes everything a lot more deepthful and meaningful and perfect. The book is circled around all the politics which allows for more action and magic (especially the plants!). And I can’t get enough of Vex and Lu and Ben and Jakes, and I need the next book now!!!!!! …more

Jul 02, 2018 Blythe rated it it was amazing

Without a doubt on of my top reads for 2018. Holy plot twists Batman! I loved the characters in this book so much. Omg I need Book 2 right now because I am not ok!

Dec 13, 2016 rin marked it as to-read

this cover looks sexy ????????????


>>> lgbt romance

>>> pirates

Sign Me The Fuck Up

aaaaaaaaaaa so many books im excited for

Jun 16, 2019 Laya rated it it was amazing

I highly recommend this book if you love: political intrigue, pirates and slow burn romance

Lately I go into books from my TBR blind, without rereading the blurb or having a single idea of what the book is about. I had no idea what to expect and all this political and religious hierarchal strife was intense. And holy hell that ending. I really really enjoyed this book world the author created was phenomenal and captivating. I haven’t had a cliffhanger hit me like this one in awhile and I’m desperate to read the next book. I loved the heroin Lu. A former child spy, Lu is smarter, toughe . ..more