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A / N: asa ca am vazut recent niste fani foarte buni ai Sevmione si m-am gandit ca poate as vrea sa-mi incerc propria mea. Nu pot spune ca va fi cel mai bun, dar hei, este literalmente doar o fantasma.

Stiu ca nu am mai postat capitole sau actualizari noi cu privire la celelalte povesti, dar tocmai am inceput un nou an scolar acum cateva saptamani. Anul scolar trecut nu a fost cel mai bun pentru mine si am inceput vara trecuta sa merg la spital. A fost un an agitat pentru a spune cel mai putin, dar sper sa revin in scris. Fara promisiuni, deoarece acesta este un an de scoala foarte aglomerat si important pentru mine, dar sper sa revin in scris.

Asa ca am cautat colegii in New York pentru ca nu ma puteam gandi la propriul meu nume de colegiu fantezist pentru acest fic. De asemenea, imi dau seama ca da, echivalentul vrajitorului la facultate este NOU, dar am crezut ca ar fi interesant sa existe o universitate propriu-zisa. Vom preta ca doar Baruch College din New York, care se afla la aproximativ 4 km de Manhattan, este o scoala secreta de vrajitor. Daca am gresit fapte despre locatie si ce este in jurul ei, imi cer scuze.


Caut acest lucru online si uneori faptele sunt gresite. De asemenea, nu sunt foarte sigur daca Baruch este universitate. Stiu doar ca este un colegiu privat asa ca, in scopul acestei povesti, o voi numi universitate. Stiu ca voi schimba cateva aspecte pentru a se potrivi cu aceasta poveste, asa ca sunteti liberi sa ma spuneti ca ceva a fost diferit sau am schimbat ceva, dar va rog sa nu va suparati daca spun ca am facut-o intentionat. Cu toate acestea, imi plac toate feedback-urile.

Sper ca aceasta fanfiction se descurca bine si ca, din moment ce sunt mai in varsta de cand am inceput alte poze, pot scrie si mai bine. O sa incerc si eu mana la a treia persoana. Am scris intotdeauna in primul rand, dar pentru acest fic ar putea fi mai usor sa scriu in al treilea.

Acum stiu ca aceasta a fost o nota foarte lunga a autorului si este posibil ca unii oameni sa nu o fi citit, dar daca ai facut-o, iti multumesc ca ai purtat cu mine.

Lectura placuta!

Lui Hermione nu i-a placut niciodata sa fie in centrul atentiei.


Acesta este un motiv pentru care a merge la un colegiu american si a merge in America in general a fost atat de invitat la ea.

Trecusera 3 ani de cand s-a incheiat razboiul si chiar acum era inca putin agitat pe acolo, in Europa, iar Hermione nu voia sa fie in mijlocul lui in mod constant. Prietenii ei au inteles, desi au spus ca probabil nu ar putea parasi niciodata Europa pentru a trai in America mult timp, asa cum fusese ea pana acum.

Primul an dupa razboi a fost in mare parte curatare si alte lucruri precum ingroparile si repararea scolii si a altor locuri care au vazut razboiul. Era nevoie si de multe uitari. Avand in vedere ca o mare parte a lumii neghiobene a fost implicata si deteriorata in razboi, au fost prea multe lucruri pentru a incerca sa acoperiti pentru a spune doar ca s-a intamplat ceva ridicol si, cu toata trauma mentala, lumea nu se afla in cele mai bune locuri.

Un alt mare lucru care s-a intamplat a fost capturarea mancatorilor de moarte supravietuitori. Erau multi, iar aurorii lucrau inca la gasirea celor care au intrat din nou in ascunzari, precum si la parcurgerea incercarilor inainte de a-i trimite la Azkaban.

Hogwarts a fost reparat in primul an dupa razboi. Multi parinti nu au vrut sa-si trimita copiii la Hogwarts anul viitor, in special parintii care au avut studenti in primul an.

Hermione a fost surprinzator pentru ca toata lumea incerca sa revina corect in lucrurile asa cum erau, desi avea sens pentru ea.

In al doilea an dupa razboi, scoala se redeschisese, dar nu atat de multi studenti s-au intors ca anii inainte ca Voldemort sa vina din nou in libertate.

Hermione returned that year though. Many students that already had a career path set after the war, such as Harry and Ron being Aurors or Megan Jones that got a job at a rob shop, didn’t return as they didn’t think it necessary.

She thought that since so many students that had fought in the war at various different ages had returned to Hogwarts, it reassured many of the parents that it was ok to send their children, and over Hermione’s first year moving to America she was informed of the astonishing attendance of new students in the new year.

She was glad at that. Her head of house, Professor McGonagall, had become Headmistress after the war and many of the teachers that survived returned also.

There were countless losses in the war. Many people close to Hermione, Fred, Lupin’s, to name a few. Teddy Lupin was under Harry’s care though. Teddy was an alarming three years old. Unlike Harry and Hermione, their other friends didn’t understand the muggle term „terrible twos” or anything of the sort until they experienced Teddy.

Hermione sometimes got sad though, when thinking about little Teddy. She knew Harry and the Weasleys, even her, and everyone else Teddy met would tell him about his parents and how and what they died for. She suspected that at some point when he wasn’t able to fully understand, maybe during his first or second year at Hogwarts, while people that Teddy didn’t even know would be telling him about his parents he’d get sick of it. Like Harry did. Hermione wouldn’t blame him though. It’s a lot to take in. He would get mad that there was a war that took his parents from him. He’d be mad that his parents chose to fight and „basically” took away theirs, and his chance of knowing each other.

Hermione was also happy and very grateful that both Molly and Arthur had taken her in. They had when she was first introduced to the Wizarding World so many years ago, and they’ve continued to love her as if she were their own child.

After the war she went to Australia to try to reverse the obliviation, but it didn’t work and it took her a long time to come to terms with the fact that her parents may never know her again. During that time she stayed at the Weasleys or at Grimmauld Place with Harry. Everyone tried helping her and being there for her, but after a while she knew she had to pull herself out of the sadness she had put herself in and get on with her life and education.

That didn’t mean that she had forgotten about her parents, she just needed to work on her education and get into a good paying job, researching about counter spells, but she knew that if she let the knowledge of her parents current fate consume her, she’d never be able to get out of that. She knew she couldn’t only focus on that. She needed to focus on her needs too.

That’s one thing that led her to University. She was going to go to school, maybe to become a Potions Mistress or Charms Professor, maybe Transfiguration. Hermione hadn’t figured that part out yet, it also depended on where and with who she could get an apprenticeship with. So for now she was taking all the classes required for both courses.

It was tedious work, taking all those classes, but she had the weekends, and every other wednesday where she had no classes so it didn’t overwhelm her too much. It also helped to keep her mind busy and distract her from thoughts of her time on the run with Harry and Ron during the war.

She never liked thinking about that time much and what transpired during it, but she wasn’t going to obliviate those memories or take them away. She may not like them but they were still apart of her, so she just kept them suppressed most of the time.

Harry and Ginny, as expected by almost everyone, got married the year after the war ended. It had been a beautiful summer wedding and Hogwarts was dismissed of classes since so many of the professors had wanted to come. Ginny had asked Hermione to be her maid of honor (they had done a traditional muggle wedding) and hermione happily accepted.

Ron was currently dating the younger sister of Susan Bones, Meghan, and was thinking about proposing soon. He had been keeping her up to date in his life whenever he could or found the time, but letter writing was never Ron’s strong suit.

He and Hermione figured out they weren’t going to work as a couple when they were fighting about Hermione going to America for more schooling. They mutually parted and didn’t talk for a while, but the first Chritmas hermione came home, they repaired their friendship and have been writing letters letting each other know what was going on in their lives. They were better off as friends.

Ginny however was the one that really kept her informed as to what was going on in the Wizarding world over in Europe and what was happening in the Weasley family lives.

Ginny and Hermione became very close friends after the war. Hermione never really had many female friends because she was always taking care of Harry and Ron or getting into trouble with them. The most female interaction she had at school was in her fourth year when people started figuring out that Krum had asked her to the Yule Ball, but even that was fake. They just wanted to try and figure out why Krum had asked her.

After the war though, Hermione was a mess and the boys didn’t know how to help her really, they were always there for her if she wanted to talk to them, but they were on the run with her and were dealing with their own stuff and were busy trying to get on with their own lives. Ginny was the one that was able to be there for Hermione the most because she was still going to school at the same time Hermione was and could be around Hermione much more than the others. Hermione also very much enjoyed the female companionship, and although she would never be the Weasleys sister by marriage or blood, she was her sister in loving her and the fact that Molly and Arthur had taken her in.

Hermione’s final year at Hogwarts was bittersweet. She loved being back, but it held sao many memories of lost classmates and friends. It held the memory of war. The memory of death. Memories that Hermione would want to forget, but it also held the memories of those that survived and the memories of all the mischief that everyone in her year got into over their years of somewhat undisturbed schooling.

Hermione had loved and hated going back. She was happy to go back when she did now though, to see her old professors and some of the students she made acquaintances with that were a few years younger than her, and she loved being able to just simply walk the grounds.

Hermione had a lot of knowledge in many different things for someone of her age. She was book smart as well as being able to survive while hiding if she needed to. Her many years of evading the Dark Lord wisend her beyond what someone her age needed to be, but the one thing it didn’t prepare her for was what was yet to come in her life.

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